Our Mission

57% of the World population is off line!

Despite the emergence of high capacity international and domestic fiber optic networks worldwide and wireless 3G/4G/LTE deployments, billions of people have poor or no access to the internet. Even across the developed world near the largest cities, good internet experience remains unaffordable to many.

In February 2015, we founded Capwave Technologies Inc. (“Capwave”) out of our passion and resolve to break down the digital isolation that excludes people from participating fully in the world economies.

Our mission is to level the playing field by providing communities worldwide with equal access to information, knowledge and an improved quality of life through an enhanced digital experience.


Our Leadership

Samia Bahsoun, CEO and Co-Founder

A telecom infrastructure expert and innovator, Samia Bahsoun has been involved in building global telecommunication network infrastructure since the mid 1980’s, doing business in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Her Role & Responsibilities have ranged from Research & Development at Bell Laboratories where she pioneered the first fiber optics DWDM system to corporate executive functions, spanning all telecom lines of business.

A serial entrepreneur since the late 90’s, Samia co-founded Capwave Technologies in February 2015 out of her passion and resolve to break down the digital isolation that excludes people from participating fully in the world economies by providing cost affordable, high quality broadband wireless access solutions.

Prior to founding Capwave, Samia restructured and grown businesses in the telecom sector and served as strategic advisor to fortune 500 companies, governments and public institutions interested in building telecom infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. She served for 3 years as the ambassador and executive liaison to the Americas for SAMENA (South Asia, Middle- East, North Africa) Telecommunications Council’s.

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual, Samia speaks Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Spanish and Wolof. 
Samia has a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and is an MIT Sloan EMBA’17 candidate.


Swee Wong, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Swee is a global leader who has managed organizations in Asia, the U. S. and Europe in the telecommunications arena.  She has worked internationally in Hong Kong, China, the Netherlands, and Japan with diverse responsibilities in telecommunications equipment business development, and built effective regional teams in Asia.  

Prior to Capwave, she co-founded S2 Associates International with Samia, where she developed new businesses and formed strategic partnerships for companies in the US and Asia.  She founded and managed the optical business in Japan for Lucent Technologies, growing the business to become one of the top companies in this business area in Japan.  Prior to her successes in Japan, Swee worked for Lucent Technologies in the Netherlands, leading corporate initiatives to enable tight integration of programs in both the US and Europe.  Swee worked for AT&T in Hong Kong, where she helped open the China market for AT&T’s Synchronous Digital Hierarchy business. She started her career with AT&T’s Submarine Systems as a member of the technical staff in Bell Laboratories, collaborating across research, development, manufacturing and supplier teams.


Michael Chan, Board Advisor

Mike is a senior executive in the international telecommunications and optoelectronics industries.  He is the CEO of GreenSand Networks Inc., a chip design start-up that he co-founded.  He is also a Managing Partner with CMXI, a business consulting firm in Los Altos, CA.

Prior to GreenSand, Mike was the President of Opnext Subsystems and EVP of Opnext.  He held several senior leadership positions with AT&T and Lucent Technologies, including Chief Strategy Officer, Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Group; Chairman and President, Lucent Technologies China; and Vice President and GM of AT&T Network Systems non-North American optical systems business.  Mike has had board director experience in 5 companies (Cambridge Industries Group; GreenSand Networks; CMXI; Life Care Networks; Accumux Technologies) and had been a board director for 6 AT&T and Lucent joint ventures overseas.  Overall, Mike has actively participated in board meetings continuously for more than 20 years.


Carl Anderson, Industry and Technical Advisor

Carl is an experience wireless leader who has been in the business for over 30 years, working on products from the AMPS (1G analog) standard to LTE (4G) and most everything in between.  He has managed global teams working on projects in the Americas, Europe and Japan in the technical and business arenas.

Carl started his career with AT&T Bell Laboratories designing wireless infrastructure and managing a systems architecture team, he then worked in Japan for Lucent Technologies on an early UMTS development project for a major Japanese operator.  After Lucent, he joined Verizon Wireless and Anritsu, a test equipment company.  His extensive experience in wireless includes hardware and software systems architectures, devices, technology and testing standards, methodologies, manufacturing processes, sales and business development and 5G wireless strategy.  Carl also represented companies in various industry forums.  He holds a BSEE, MSEE and MBA.


Our Successes

Our team has an extensive track record in carrier grade wireless deployments in both densely populated and rural, remote areas, spanning diverse geographic areas such as:

• Caribbean Islands: Trinidad, Dominica and others
• Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and others
• USA: Silicon Valley, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and others




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