Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

The AE106 is a 5GHz, 2x2 MIMO, 802.11ac multi-function customer premises equipment (CPE) for indoor or outdoor deployments. It is primarily designed for converting Wi-Fi signals to a wired LAN connection, allowing the rapid deployment of wireless broadband services. It is one of the most economical and effective last-mile access solutions in the market.

The AE106 supports a full range of networking and management features including enhanced security mechanisms: WMM QoS, MAC address cloning; filtering mechanisms based on IP, Protocol or Port; NTP synchronization; and web configuration. Cloud controller capability is being incorporated and will be available at a later date.

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Access Point / Bridge

AX110 is a Carrier Grade, 2x2 dual-concurrent 802.11ac gigabit access point designed for rapid deployments in outdoor environments. It is primarily targeted for operators to provide reliable outdoor Wi-Fi coverage and long distance wireless backhaul connectivity, to deliver high-speed broadband services previously only achievable using fiber-optics.

AX110 provides one of the most economical and cost effective way for last mile data access. The advanced MIMO internal antenna with beam forming allows the AX100 to provide wide-area Wi-Fi coverage, delivering connectivity to large rural or dense urban areas effortlessly. With excellent interoperability, AX110 is compatible with most Wi-Fi devices and CPEs for building a high capacity wireless system, providing rapid ROI (Return-of-Investments) for Telecom Operators and Service Providers.

AX110 uses the latest generation Qualcomm 802.11ac Wi-Fi technologies for high throughput and reliable operation required by modern multimedia applications, in a weather proof enclosure that can be deployed in a wide variety of harsh outdoor environments, from wet tropical regions to frigid arctic conditions.

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Universal Carrier Aggregation Platform

Our Universal Carrier Aggregation Platform product, UniCAP, is the world’s highest capacity multi-radio access point (AP) optimized to aggregate traffic from a wide variety of wireless technologies, from gigabit Wi-Fi to LTE small cells and others.

UniCAP has been designed to be an ideal outdoor platform for city-wide Wi-Fi deployments combining unlimited scalability with future upgradability.

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